Course Name
Course Fee
Discounted Fee
Registration Fee
1Become a Tailwind CSS, Python & Ruby on Rails Developer70,00050,00050006 Months
2Learn Advance Facebook & Instagram Marketing on Meta230001800020002 Months
3Advanced Social Media Marketing 2.020,0001700020002 Months
4Become Expert In Advance UI UX in sigma,55,0004500050006 Months
5Learn 3Ds MAX (Basic to Advance)200001800020002 Months
6Advance Digital Media Marketing550004000050006 Months
7Advance SEO With SEM200001700020002 Months

1 Year Diploma In Graphic Design,

Photography & Web Design (DGPWD)

140,000900001000012 Months
9 Diploma In Software Technologies (DST)140000900001000012 Months
10The Complete Guide To Sell On Amazon800005000050006 Months
11Certified Full Stack Web Developer7000050006 Months
12Full Stack Python Developer70,0004500050006 Months
13Certified Digital Media Marketing Expert60,0003500050006 Months
14Full Stack Graphic Designer60,0003500050006 Months
152D & 3D Animator50,0003500050006 Months
16Diploma In Advance Cyber Security500003500050006 Months
17Full Stack Android Developer With JAVA35,0002800050004 Months
18Certified MEAN & MERN Stack Web Developer27,0002200030003 Months
19React Developer (IOS, Android & Web)27,0002200030003 Months
20Android Game Developer – (Unity 3D)27,0002200030003 Months
21Master In Maya & 3DS Max Animation27,0002200030003 Months
22Advance Front End Web Developer25,0001800020002.5 Months
23MERN Stack Developer25,0001800020002.5 Months
24Amazon Virtual Assistant 2.030,0002000020002 Months
25Social Media Marketing Expert20,0001500020002 Months
26Master In SEO & SEM with WordPress20,0001500020002 Months
27Professional Photographer (Beginner To Pro)20,0001500020002 Months
28React JS with Python Web Development20,0001500020002 Months
29Android Application Developer from Scratch20,0001500020002 Months
30Professional Graphic Designer20,0001500020002 Months
31Advance Photoshop level 220,0001500020002 Months
32Advanced Illustrator Level 220,0001500020002 Months
33Layout, Prototype To Web Design20,0001500020002 Months
34Master In Adobe Premiere & After Effects20,0001500020002 Months
35Advanced Ethical Hacking Course (AEHC)20,0001500020002 Months
36Microsoft Office Management15,0001200020002 Months
37Freelancing Be Your Own BOSS15,0001200020001.5 Months
38YouTube Star & Earn13,0001200020001.5 Months