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Why Pay Per Click Has Been So Popular Till Now?

ZAFF Institute

Thu, 23 May 2024

Why Pay Per Click Has Been So Popular Till Now?
Firstly the question is what is Pay Per Click Marketing? / ZAFF Institute/ SEO

Pay Per Click is also known as PPC. PPC marketing is the process of using a search engine to generate clicks on your website, rather than other “ earning” clicks organically. It is a very powerful tool for any organization or business. PPC ads can appear on the top of the search engine, they can be marked in the yellow label.

When and who invented PPC?

Gross Bill invented the PPC concept in December 1999. it was not until  October 2000, google AdWords launched the system to create text ads and place them on the search engine.

History of PPC

The first platform was launched by Planet Osis when yahoo is dominant to use as a search engine. 
Google launched CPC Ad Words in 2002 and began to dominate the next search engine.
 In 2010, google launched shopping ads 
Google Ad Words continues to be the largest CPC advertising platform to meet better customer expectations.
Hence, PPC is good for every business. 

Is Google AdWords free?

Creating an account on google ads is free, you can pay whenever your customer clicks and takes an action on your website call or message, etc. Google provides you the reports and insights of all people who take an action on your website according to the report and insights.

Are Google ads worth it?

Google ads are beneficial for a small business, There are a lot of advantages to promoting on google. Google can offer the capacity to contact focused on a targeted audience, and easy-to-follow ROI.

How successful are Google ads?

The effectiveness of google ads: Using google ads or any other advertising platform requires time and money, many people think thousands of money and time are well spent because google ads give us measurable ROI. 

Are Google ads or Facebook ads better?

If we are talking about Facebook ads, Facebook ads are better when you want your brand awareness and your goal is to increase your demand generation, it is more economical for you. But when we talk about google ads it is better when your goal is to generate sales and leads, then it is more beneficial for you than Facebook ads.

Do you want to become a PPC expert and run PPC campaigns for your websites?

PPC offers you a good opportunity to market your brand to your customers. If you want to learn more about PPC or want to learn how to run a PPC campaign for your website with a proper advertising strategy? Reach out to us at ZAFF Institute(the best IT training institute). ZAFF Institute offers the best SEO training courses and PPC, digital marketing, and Web development courses. 


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