SEO and PPC bidding ranking and analysis of advantages and disadvantages

For the current ZAFF Institute blog, if you want to promote a certain product, the first thing that comes to your mind is to make a website and have SEO on it. Then use your SEO technology to make product-related keywords on the first page of search engines, and then increase product sales. But this is something that requires more professional knowledge and more time to complete, and most people don’t have this patience. Therefore, many product sellers prefer to use the PPC method to promote their products.

However, I found that many people are still very unfamiliar with this SEOkwfinder, and PPC. It doesn’t matter. Today’s article is for you. Also, I want to share that ZAFF Institute is providing SEO courses in Lahore. We are providing SEO services and SEO skills as well.

comparison of Website SEO & PPC

Literal meaning:

SEO: is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, name is Search Engine Optimization, search engine marketing, or “Search Engine Optimization“.

PPC: PPC is the abbreviation of Pay Per Click and it can also be called keyword advertising.

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As far as payment is concerned:

SEO search engine optimization: Because it is a natural ranking, it can be executed by the company itself or commissioned by a professional SEO company.

PPC: It is paid to search engine operators. The cost depends on the competition of the keyword. In addition, how many people click on it also affects the cost

In terms of time:

SEO search engine optimization: Depending on the keywords and website structure, it may vary from a few days to a few months.

PPC: You can apply for a fee and see it immediately in a few hours

In terms of benefits: 

SEO search engine optimization: In search engine marketing, for natural sorting, the top 20 click-through rate is as high as 70%.

PPC: It belongs to advertising, and the click-through rate is usually only 3%~10%.

As far as advertising budgets are concerned:

SEO search engine optimization: Do not spend a lot of budget due to the high number of clickers. Most of the cost lies in the time and cost of sorting keywords.

PPC: The time cost is low, but if the keyword is popular or the number of clickers is high, it will pay a huge advertising fee.

Suitable types:

SEO: Suitable for industries with high keyword popularity, high click traffic, and companies that rely on Internet crowds for a long time.

PPC: Suitable for less popular industries, temporary short-term activities, and industries with low traffic.


If you can find an SEO company with low cost and short time, of course, it is better to implement SEO, and then use PPC to strengthen the implementation or mobile replacement of marketing activities, that is, SEM Search Engine Marketing (Search Engine Marketing) is the most ideal way. 

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The analysis and comparison of SEO and PPC in the following table make it easier to understand:

The difference between website SEO and PPC bidding ranking:

Benefit comparisonPPC Paid Keyword AdsSEO ranking (natural ranking)
Mode of operationAdvertisement clickWeb page grammar is planning + SEO core technology import
Billing methodKeyword CPCOne-time fee for SEO services
advantageQuickly gain ranking and performance for keywords Clear control of daily cost keywords can be flexibly replacedSEO stably and continuously improves website rankings Establishing own suggested keywords for natural search results is a gradual effect and is not easy to be replaced multiple search engines operating at the same time The longer the launch, the lower the cost
shortcomingsHigh substitution of the keyword search engine has to pay fees If the cost stops, there will be no effectVicious clicks from peersHigh price of popular keywords can not improve the natural ranking of the websiteThe SEO display effect is slow (the efficiency has been significantly improved recently, ranging from a few weeks to 1.5 months), and it is impossible to accurately estimate the website ranking. At the risk of being blacklisted
Website CTR3% ~ 10%70 ~ 100%
cost per clickThe higher the keyword, the more expensive the ranking, the more popular the more expensive, the higher the ranking, the more expensive the keyword will be because the more manufacturers use it, the more expensiveSEO is free

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of website SEO and PPC bidding ranking:

  1. Spend money on keyword advertisements:

You can rank in the top 10 or top 20 immediately, no need to wait, no need to use mangonels,  kwfinder, solve, or marmalade,  just choose the number you want.

  1. Spend money on a keyword marketing company to do natural sorting:

In SEO Lahore, if you rank at the top, the click-through rate and traffic will be very high. If you are in the top 10 or top 20, there will be 60% to 80% of the keyword search click-through rate; the disadvantage is: it takes 1~3 months, or even longer to rank in the top 10 or 20.

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  1. Do your natural sorting without spending money:

In SEO Of course, the biggest advantage is that you don’t need to spend money. As long as the website exists, you can get the traffic and effects brought by keyword search; the disadvantage is: that it takes time to study the SEO (search engine sorting rules of Google), and The time cost is wasted. Although we also teach semrush pricing, SEO website, kwfinder, LSI keywords, Shopify SEO, LSI graph, scrapebox, seomofo, etc.


PPC is actually quite expensive, and you may not feel it at first for a company with a budget, but as your rivals bid up to and continue to increase, the company’s return rate is often not as good as expected or even a loss! It is impossible to pay for advertising year after year. Once the payment is stopped, your ranking advantage will disappear immediately. It is not a long-term solution. Moreover, the keyword bidding ranking will often suffer malicious clicks from competitors, and your advertising costs will soon disappear. Consumed by your competitors. Therefore, the ZAFF Institute blog suggests that students who have the conditions should still study SEO technology and operation of the website.

ZAFF Institute teaches every single step to its students about local SEO services. We are providing SEO course in Lahore.