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Why should you sell on Amazon?

In many parts of the world, Amazon has replaced other e-commerce platforms. For comparison, Amazon generated $232 billion in sales in 2018. eBay only generated $10 billion. Amazon has grown to be so well-known for a number of reasons:

:: A sizable clientele of over 100 million Amazon Prime subscribers. Through its Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) service.
:: Amazon handles all of your shipping and fulfilment needs.
:: Selling items on Amazon is simple.

Thanks to Amazon’s enormous consumer base, over 200,000 sellers generated over $100,000 in income annually in 2018. Perhaps never before in history has it been so simple to connect with so many customers.

All of the products from third-party sellers are delivered to Amazon warehouses, where they are stored before being delivered to customers via Prime Shipping via Amazon’s network of vans, drones, and robots. This is the core component of Fulfilment by Amazon or FBA. As a seller, you are responsible for covering the full cost of shipping both to and from Amazon warehouses. However, due to the substantial discounts Amazon receives on delivery, the prices end up being 50–80% less expensive than if you supplied to customers directly from your house or warehouse.

What do you need to sell on Amazon?

The main requirement for selling on Amazon is a Seller Central account. You’ll pay about $39.99 per month for this as well as 15% of any sales you make. You will obviously need some sort of merchandise to sell after you have a Seller Central account. These products can be purchased physically either from China, through retail arbitrage, or by drop shipping.

The beautiful thing about selling on Amazon is that since Amazon handles all payment processing, you won’t require a payment processor like Stripe or PayPal. You won’t need to physically transport your products to individual buyers, which is another wonderful benefit of selling on Amazon. To transport your goods in bulk to Amazon warehouses, however, you will typically need to deliver them to a UPC or FedEx terminal. Using a product research platform, such as Jungle Scout or Helium 10,  will make conducting comparative research much simpler, regardless of where you purchase your products.

What can you sell on Amazon?

People mostly sell three categories of goods on Amazon:

Dropshipped goods: You purchase goods from other companies, resell them to others, and have the company ship the goods straight to your client.

Retail arbitrage products: Products that are retail arbitrage include items from other brands that are on sale at stores like Walmart, which you may buy at a discount and resell on Amazon for a profit.

Personalized goods: Utilize Alibaba to find things in China, build your own brand around them, and then sell them on Amazon.

Why this course?

You can enrol in an authentic online Sell-on-Amazon course in Lahore through ZAFF Institute. When you wish to adopt a cutting-edge and successful method of making sales online, the course is strongly advised. The time has passed when you should only sell your crafts at neighbourhood markets. The course serves as a springboard for you to comprehend the fundamentals and expert strategies of creating a store and generating quick sales on Amazon.

Additionally, the course teaches you how to use the tools at your disposal to become an Amazon Best Seller. In business, knowledge and experience are more important than luck. To advance in the direction of success, you only need to increase your knowledge and put your gallery of strategies into effect. For further info check our Facebook and Instagram page.

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